"Follow My instructions and become soldiers in My army; I will lead you on to victory. When someone asks you, in great earnestness, where the Lord is to be found, do not try to dodge the question. Give them the answer that rises up to your tongue from your heart. Direct them. He is here in the Prasanthi Nilayam." SSS. Vol 2, Ch 47

Brothers and Sisters! With prayers to Bhagawan, USA national pilgrimage will take place from July 6th to July 10th (inclusive of these two dates). This pilgrimage is a spiritual homecoming where all pilgrims will journey inward in preparation for this milestone event and reach a crescendo at Prasanthi Nilayam.

Why go on a pilgrimage?

“A pilgrimage is for softening the heart, widening the outlook, expanding the circle of sympathy, and not for collecting curios or pictures or blessed food packets (prasadham) or idols and images. It is more a matter for the eye (nethra) than for the vessel (pathra). Pilgrimages should be as silent as the eyelids dropping on the eye… People may say that pilgrimages are a waste of time and money, but let Me tell you that it is the best way to spend time and money, provided one has real devotion.” (SSS 02:11)


Goals of National Pilgrimage

·         To experience the joy of spiritual homecoming

·         To re-energize and re-charge spiritual battery

·         To create a meaningful and memorable reunion

·         To unite in Prasanthi Nilayam as a nation


Activities in all three wings of the Sai Organization are being planned for this pilgrimage. YA participation is encouraged in all areas.



·         Spiritual discipline – open to all devotees; strongly encouraged for those joining the pilgrimage

·         Leading devotional songs (Bhajans) in Sai Kulwant Hall

·         Offering of a musical program by SSE children, YAs and adults

·         Study Circles related to the pilgrimage theme

·         Talks by distinguished speakers

·         Visits to places of interest in Puttaparthi (museum, hospitals, birth place, etc.)


·         Participation in service activities before the pilgrimage (part of Spiritual discipline)

·         Grama Seva and Service activities at the Ashram

·         Making Prasanthi Nilayam greener (environmental initiative)


·         Experiential and immersive program for SSE children

·         Workshops by special guests

·         Joint session with Sai school children

·         Visit to places of interest in Puttaparthi (museum, hospitals, birth place, etc.)