All devotees, whether attending the pilgrimage in person or in spirit, are encouraged to join a spiritual discipline program called the Sadhana of Love in the months leading up to the pilgrimage. This program was developed for the 2016 World Youth Festival. We are grateful to the Sadhana of Love team for their help and support in making this available to the devotees of USA.

Based on teachings of Sathya Sai Baba, this is a four-step program emphasizing Self-confidence, Self-satisfaction, self-sacrifice and Self-realization. The spiritual discipline program offers activities in all three wings of the Sai Organization: Work (Service), Worship (Devotion) and Wisdom (Education).

At the beginning of each month, one of the four steps of the Sadhana of Love program will be practiced. This approach will allow us to build on the previous month’s sadhana, one step at a time.

Sai Baba says, “Self-confidence is the foundation for the mansion of life.” (SSS 35.10).

April - self-sacrifice

In order to continue to prepare us, the 3rd step of the Sadhana of Love program is being launched for the month of April. The next step, self-sacrifice, builds on the prior steps of Self-Confidence and Self-Satisfaction. What is it that must be sacrificed? Sathya Sai Baba explains:

“Our brain stores millions of thoughts. Among them only a few are really useful and valuable. As a result of this indiscriminate acquisition, concentration on any beneficial idea becomes difficult. Many people come to me and mourn, "Swami! I am practicing meditation for ten years or twenty years, but, alas, I have not had the vision of God even for a second." I ask them, "But what are you meditating on, all these years? When your mind is contemplating all kinds of irrelevant objects, how can God find a place therein? Again, have you cultivated love? Have you developed compassion? These are the temples where God loves to install Himself. Instead, you have grown in selfishness and so, the vision of God has become unavailable to you." … Renouncing the bitter gourd at one holy spot and the sour berry at another is not commendable as sacrifice. At sacred places, the pilgrim must renounce his evil habits and bad tendencies and attitudes. Then only can the pilgrimage be beneficial.” SSS (15,29)

Page 19 of Sadhana of Love provides a summary of eighteen ways to practice self-sacrifice with details being covered on pages 57-78. Select the one that connects with your heart and practice it this month.

March - Self-Satisfaction

In order to purify our mind and to develop more love in our hearts, the 2nd step of the Sadhana of Love program is being launched for the month of March. Self-satisfaction, the next step, builds on the prior step of Self-Confidence. What is the true meaning of Self-satisfaction?

"Suppose you want to eat a fruit. Do you want the fruit for your sake or the sake of the fruit? No. You want the fruit because you wish to enjoy it. You are attracted by a nice piece of textile. Do you want it for your sake or because you wish to give some satisfaction to that cloth? Obviously, the latter is not true; you want the cloth for your sake. It is the same with food. In this manner, every desire you have is for the gratification of your own self. There is something in you that drives you, and that driving force arises because you are either consciously or unconsciously
seeking satisfaction for yourself. However, in almost all these cases, it is the lower self that is involved; that is why one describes all such actions as selfish. In spirituality, one must focus on the Higher Self; all actions must spring from the desire to satisfy this Higher or real Self. This is true Self-satisfaction." Summer Showers 2000, Chapter 10

Page 18 of Sadhana of Love provides a summary of eighteen ways to practice Self-satisfaction with details being covered on pages 39-56. Select the one that connects with your heart and practice it this month.

February - Self-Confidence

Sai Baba says, “Self-confidence is the foundation for the mansion of life.” (SSS 35.10).

For the month of February, we will focus on Self-confidence. A summary of
eighteen suggested practices to cultivate Self-confidence can be found on page 17
of the Sadhana of Love document. Guided by your conscience, choose sadhanas
that will help you to manifest the most love. Details for each of the eighteen
sadhanas can be found on pages 21-38.