Do I have to organize my own flights and transfer to/from the Ashram?

Each devotee is responsible for making all travel arrangements. If you prefer to travel in a group, request this during the registration process. Best effort will be made to match devotees in the local area who have made similar requests.

Do I need a visa to enter India?

A visa is required to enter India if you have a non-Indian passport. It is recommended that you check with Indian Embassy or your travel agent.


This is my first visit to the ashram and would like to travel in a group. How do I sign up?

If you prefer to travel with a group, please indicate it in the registration form and efforts will be made to match devotees from the same area.


What immunization/medications should I bring?

Please consult your doctor for advice on this. Usually, it is a good idea to carry Analgesics and prescription medication you are required to take.


What is the last day to register for the pilgrimage?

Registration will close on Sunday, April 16th.


How will the devotees be accommodated?

Families will be accommodated in a room. Those travelling alone will be accommodated with other devotees from USA based on gender. If you are a room donor, then you will have your own room.


Can I use my phone in the Ashram?

Yes. However, it is important to note that one should keep in mind focused on the purpose of the pilgrimage and on Swami, His teachings, and values at all times. Phones are not allowed inside Sai Kulwant Hall.


What is the expected dress code?

Men/Boys: Long white trousers and white collared shirt. No sleeveless vests or shorts.

Girls up to 16 years: White Salwar suits with white shawl (dupatta)

Ladies 16+ years: Uniform saris will be provided at the Ashram for a minimal cost.


What is the expected cost of the Saris?

Currently it is estimated to be $20. A payment must be made by April 2nd, 2017 to reserve a set.


Where do I send the payment for Saris?

Payments can be made by a personal check or using Paypal.

Option 1: Personal Check made payable to Usha Narayanan and mailed to Usha Narayanan, 250 Myrtle St, Redwood City, CA 94062

Option 2: Paypal

Paypal id: ushanarayanan@yahoo.com

Please use Gifts to friends and family option.


What if I don’t make Sari payment by the due date?

We are practicing Unity by dressing in uniform clothing. All Ladies, older than 16 years, are required to be in the uniform Sari. It is very important that your payment is sent on time. Otherwise, your set will not be ordered.


What if I my plans change after I have paid for the Saris?

The Saris will be donated at the Ashram. Refunds cannot be made once the order is placed.


Will there be a strict guidelines and daily structure during the pilgrimage?

Yes. Ashram and pilgrimage rules will apply at all times. The purpose of the pilgrimage, the sanctity of the Ashram, and omnipresence of God must be remembered at all times.


How much money should I bring?

We anticipate that for the duration of the pilgrimage, it will cost approximately $300 per person for meals, accommodation, travel between the airport and the ashram. The cost of roundtrip airfare from your home airport is separate and varies. It is encouraged to purchase the airline ticket at the earliest.

There may be additional costs for obtaining visa, passport, immunization, etc.


Can I join the group in Prasanthi Nilayam for a portion of the group dates?

The full group must be together for the entire time, beginning with morning darshan on July 6th till evening darshan on July 10th.


Can my family members who live in India join the group?

Family members may choose to be in Prasanthi Nilayam at the same time as group members; however, they cannot be considered part of the group. The group will not be able to include devotees’ families for accommodations, group activities or group seating for darshan. Group members will be expected to adhere to group discipline and participate in the group activities.


Can I or can my family stay outside the ashram?

Yes, if your family has outside accommodations, you can stay outside the ashram, provided you will be in the ashram and with the group for all group activities during the day.


How do I get accommodations if I arrive at the ashram before the group trip dates?

If you arrive before July 5th, 2017, you should follow the standard ashram accommodations procedures and get accommodations for the entire length of your stay (including group dates).

Devotees staying after the group trip should notify the logistics team ahead of time so that we can inform the accommodation office.


Can I get information about traveling between the airport and the ashram?

There are several private taxi services that run between the airport and the ashram. Travel time is about two hours. More information will be provided closer to travel date.


What service projects will we undertake during the pilgrimage?

We will visit local villages and distribute food and supplies (Grama Seva). We will also support the YAs in introducing environmentally friendly (i.e. green) technology in Prasanthi Nilayam. As time allows (since this is only a 5-day pilgrimage), other ashram and canteen-based opportunities will be arranged.


Do we need to bring any special items or supplies?

No special tools, items or supplies are required us. You're more than welcome to contribute items towards the Grama Seva food/supply packets or to the ashram "green project", by emailing us via “Contact Us” tab. Select “Service and Volunteering” for Contact About field.


Are we planning to offer any cultural program during our visit? If so, please provide some details.

Yes. There are plans to offer a multimedia musical program to Swami. This is open to SSE children, YAs and adults. Please provide information about any special skills you may have in this area (singing, playing musical instruments, design and graphics for multimedia presentation, etc.) during registration.


Would there be an opportunity to lead Bhajans in Sai Kulwant hall?

This opportunity is being explored. Details will be communicated when we receive an update.



My question is not on this list. Where can I get my questions answered?

Please use the Contact Us tab to send an email with your question to one of the organizers.